Pet Insurance for Your Cat ? 3 Key Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Buy

Buying pet insurance for your cat? It may sound like a totally unnecessary luxury that only the very rich can afford. If you are trying to decide whether or not you should get cat pet insurance this article should help you.

Our cats are an important part of our family. We enjoy each others company and our kids love them dearly. Like the good pet owners we are, they are well taken of and we hope that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Nutritious food, clean drinking water, and a safe environment where they can play will keep them happy and healthy. Unfortunately, even if we look after them properly, our pets – just like people – can get sick or become injured from an accident.
If your cat ever became seriously ill and needed medical attention, the Vet and prescription costs could become quite expensive. Insuring your cats’ health can help you provide proper care when they need it without seriously affecting your pocket book.

Making the decision of whether to buy a pet health insurance policy for your cat can be made easier by asking yourself these 3 key questions.

1. What are the advantages if you decide to buy pet health insurance?

The most important advantage is your peace of mind. Worrying about financial affairs in addition to worrying about your cat may put you under a lot of undue stress. The feeling of not being able to provide your cat with proper care just because you cannot afford it can be devastating.


Many pet care insurance plans can cover up to 100% of vet bills, and include coverage options for accidents, illness and routine care, such as vaccinations and regular check-ups. With the many policies available, it’s best to choose one with the coverage that suits you and your cats needs best.

2. What are the disadvantages of not buying a pet insurance policy?
It may seem expensive but the advantage of being able to help your furry friends when they need it far out weighs the cost. As long as you set a budget for your cat’s pet insurance policy you won’t end up with one that costs an arm and a leg.

Most insurance companies will require you to first pay any vet or medical costs and then be reimbursed afterwards. It may be difficult to wait a long time for the payment so review the pet insurance policy you’re planning to buy to see how long it will take to process a claim.

Coverage related to something such as a hereditary disease for example, may be excluded therefore it is essential that you understand what the policy covers. Some pet health policies may include payment limits that are very low and other policies will not cover certain treatments.
3. How do I find the best pet insurance for my Cat?

Looking for the best pet health insurance for your cat starts with accessing your Cat’s needs. Make a note of your cat’s current physical condition, their age and any other special needs. Once you know what your Cat needs you can start looking for a policy that is a good fit.

Many insurance companies allow you to choose between different levels of pet insurance coverage. Some cover accidents only, while the more expensive policies will cover accidents, illness as well as routine and preventive care. If you can afford the more expensive coverage, the insurance may cover other costs such as alternative therapies, vaccinations, or teeth cleaning.
These 3 questions will help you to decide if Cat Pet Insurance is something you should buy for your Cat. If it’s something you don’t need right now, maybe you can think about it again in a few months or maybe a couple of years down the road. Although it’s best to get it earlier than later on, only you will know when the time is right.

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