Vet recommended W/D because the dog is diabetic and requires 2 shots of insulin per day

9 thoughts on “Is the a comparable substitute for Hills W/D dog food?

  1. Yes. However, w/d is a prescription diet and anything comparable will also be a prescription diet available only from veterinarians. Call your vet and ask about what your options are.

    Edit: Hills w/d is NOT comparable to a light or less active formula…the amount of calories is MUCH less. Most vets will not prescribe w/d unless dogs have failed to loose weight or even continued to gain weight on a strict diet of light or weight management formulas AND the fewer calories than light but more then w/d Hills r/d. I agree that I am not a big fan of Hills science diet and that the ingredients are not really that good (especially for the price), but prescription diets exist for a reason. I’m not thrilled with the ingredients in my cat’s prescription diet…but so far it’s the ONLY food that doesn’t send him to the vet with urine crystals and a painful bladder infection (which also causes him to urinate all over the house) every 3-4 months. Prescription diets don’t work for all dogs, just like regular dog food isn’t right for all dogs, but for some dogs they are the best option available.

  2. Yes there are many that are actually a lot better. The first ingredient in that food I believe is corn, which dogs cant digest. Food that the vet has is not usually the best for your dog, just because its at the vets office doesn’t mean its good! Most times vets are paid to take certain foods. This site can help you pick a good food for your dog :)

  3. I have personally never seen anything that said “Compare to Hills W/D”. Hills is a perscription version of Science Diet (blah!! lots of corn and many suspected carcinogenics) and most vets are paid commissions for perscribing it (as they typically sell it also). Your best bet is to do a light version of a premium food if it is merely for weight loss. Check out and compare the diet foods, and then compare your selections to the Hills ingredients to see if it is comparable. I have seen MANY dogs that were on Hills perscription foods with their problems not clearing up and after switching to a higher quality store bought (not grocery store, specialty pet food store bought) food they cleared up immediately.

  4. If that is a weight control food do this. Decrease the amount of normal food you feed. Substitute green beans, carrots, mixed veggies for the amount of food reduced. I cup of normal, quality food is around 350 calories. A cup of green beans is about 50 to 70 calories. Use the veggies with no added salt or use frozen veggies, thawed and heated.

  5. + The best substitute for Science Diet would be another food, Science Diet is not a very good food and has a lot of junk and fillers. Here is some more info.

    +All dog foods are not created equal. There is a huge difference in ingredients, quality of ingredients and company standards. When wondering what to get or comparing your current food it is best to do as much research as possible.

    Your options are a raw diet, which is one of the greatest diets for dogs. To learn more go to Raw really means nothing cooked; meat, bones and organs. This is not to be confused with allowing your dog to eat cooked bones, cooked bones are harmful, raw bones are not. This is the dog’s ancestral diet. If you think a dog should not be eating raw meat, go back and study wolves. Ask yourself what year was dog food made and then how long have dogs been around without our help of over processed dog food and gravy.

    Another option is kibble and wet food. I think a good choice is both. Feeding Kibble 2x a day 12 hours apart and wet food 2x a week in place of 1 feeding of equal calories is a good balance. When you are looking for a healthy dog food it is important that not only the kibble be high quality but the wet food, treats and chews be high quality as well.

    Foods to avoid: Pedigree, Beneful, Purina, Iams, Nutro, Alpo, Ol Roy, Mighty Dog, Ceser, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Purina, Royal Canin, Eagle Pack (not to be confused with Eagle Pack Holistic) and of course all grocery store brands i.e. Publix brand dog food, Winn-Dixie brand dog food etc.

    These foods have low quality ingredients that can cause allergies, diabetes, bloat, overweight, oily skin, excessive and or runny stool and a myriad of other problems. Most of these brands are owned by companies like Del Monte, Proctor and Gamble, Mars and Nestle. Do you really believe that a company like Proctor and Gamble who makes beauty products, household cleaning supplies, baby items, prescription drugs and many others is the best suited company to make quality products for dogs? 50% of Mars is pet food, 45% is unhealthy snacks like candy bars. Does this sound like the best company to make dog food? All of these companies have one thing in common, they have the advertising to make you believe pictures of meat and veggies and healthy dogs running around on the commercials is what you will get. Knowing the truth about what is in these foods is devastating.

    Quality dog foods: Innova, California Natural, EVO, Karma, Wellness, Wellness Core, Orijen, Canidae, Merricks, Artemis, Taste of the Wild, Nature’s Variety, Solid Gold-Barking at the Moon and Timberwolf.

    Here are several websites to do your own research, which I highly suggest. A lot of questions here about dog’s health problems are a direct result of the food you are feeding. Read the ingredients label on the back, go to the website and see who owns the dog food, look up the ingredients and learn why it is used and what the pros and cons are. Changing to a healthy low grain, no grain dog food will relieve most of your dog aliments and give you a healthier and happier dog.

  6. the problem is that W/D has medication in it. if you are on it simply for weight loss i would check into Taste of the Wild dog food. my dog lost a ton of weight on it. it usually runs between 30 and 40 dollars for 30lbs but at the time i was feeding 3 large dogs and we only went through a bag a month. their website is very informative.

    also Evo by Innova is a good high protein low carb/fat food. i would discuss other options with your vet, but there is a chance he perscribed that instead of a regular low carb/fat dog food because the dog needs the meds that are in the food.

    i am an avid hater of hill’s science diet, but some dogs need it for the medication. that’s why it is a perscription

  7. The first three ingredients are corn,powdered cellulose and peanut hulls,I’d be looking for a better food instead.Several superior brands have weight reduction foods,such as wellness.Many also put their diabetic dogs on grain free foods such as evo.

  8. Here is a site that will show you which dog foods are the best and the worst. I suggest that you get any one of the dog foods that are top rated.
    Most of grocery store dog food formulas, like IAMS, Pedigree, Science Diet, Purina,and etc contain “meat and bone meal” which has been known to contain dead dogs and cats that were euthanized in animal shelters. Their bodies are picked up and bought by the truck load by “rendering plants” , that also pick up road kill, dead live stock, and etc. They are shredded, and boiled. They skim off the fat on the top of the “soup” and collected it and sell it to pet food companies as “animal fat”, the rest of the animals’ remains are crushed up, dried and sold to dog and cat food companies as meat and bone meal.
    You can read more about it here.
    Here is an article where the owner of a rendering plant talks about it. He says that cremating the dead shelter animals would cause pollution, and that rendering them is good.
    Here is further information on what you shouldn’t see in the ingredients list in your dog’s food.
    Top rated dog foods like Canidae contain good healthy ingredients.

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