Question by PlasticTrees: Is it best to just cook my dogs and cat food until the pet food problems are over?
Last month it was canned food, now it’s affecting dry food. My favorite brand (Purina) Kibbles and Chunks aren’t on the list.. but the list keeps growing and more names are being added to the list.

What foods should I try to cook for my dogs?

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Answer by twilitekiller
well first off you should see a pet nutritonist to find out what the exact diet should be for your specific animal for their age, health, weight, etc.
second not all foods are bad and id rather see people buying food from companies that only make their own food, some of purina was involved with the recall…meaning maybe they arent that good of a company. which they are not.
i always recomend eagle pack or wellness for both cats and dogs. reasons why you should consider switching,
eagle pack and a USDA certified organic meat as the first ingredient, no byproducts which can be roadkill and are very hard to digest, they have no fillers, which makes the product less nutrional. it contains no dies, artificial preservatives, which cause kidney and liver problems. they also dont use corn ( which is a filler) soy, which hardens arteires, or wheat which causes major allergies. it contains all human grade iingredients. well, what im trying to say is, switch to a better brand, that the main comapany had no affiliation with menu foods or the place where menufoods got the contaminated product from.

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6 thoughts on “Is it best to just cook my dogs and cat food until the pet food problems are over?

  1. No. The reason foods are being recalled are because of rat poison.

    Cooking it will NOT get rid of the poison.

    The best thing to do is purchase a dry dog food that isn’t on the list — Perhaps a no-name brand, such as a Target/Walmart brand until everything is over.

  2. Go to to see the complete list of recall dog food. The only dry food that has been recalled is Hills prescription diet M/D for cats. All other dry dog food is safe to feed as it doesn’t contain wheat gluton.

    · 1/4 cup boneless chicken breast or thigh, ground up
    · 1/2 large hard-boiled egg, chopped
    · I do not recommend beef unless it is human grade and never use organ meats, especially the liver

    · 1/4 cup cottage cheese

    CHOOSE ONE STARCH SOURCE: Limit this if your dog is overweight
    · 1/4 cups cooked potato chopped or mashed
    · 1/4 cups cooked rice
    · 1/4 cups rolled oats, cooked

    · puréed veggie mix (up to 1/4 cup) cooked (carrots, peas, broccoli, or any other high vitamin and mineral vegetable)
    · 1/2 Tbs. olive oil, OR 1/2 Tbs. olive oil
    1 Pet Tab per day or other vet recommended vitamin

    Do not season anything. Animals don’t need salt or other seasonings. You don’t need to cook anything. Just stir well and serve. Just remember, this is fresh, natural food, so it will go bad if left out for several hours, so either put all uneaten food in the fridge or serve small portions that are sure to be eaten.

  4. Well, I stopped taking chances a while back and been cooking chicken and rice for my 4 chihuahuas and sometimes our leftovers as long as it doesn’t have any onions.

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